The Design Market


Adire Leggings

$55 USD

Inspiration: The adire textile tradition of southwestern Nigeria.
Impact: Adire Patterns has a staff of two full-time employees in Nigeria. Aina and her mother, the internationally-renowned artist, Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye, run training centers across Nigeria which offer training in traditional textile design. To date, their centers have trained and provided economic opportunities to over 30,000 people.

The Nude Monorap™

$90 USD

Country: South Africa
Inspiration: The traditional apron and women’s stories.
Impact: Founded by a young female entrepreneur, Moraka Interiors is a small business which currently supports seven local jobs in South Africa through its supply chain.

Prism Coro and Vibration 10” Bags

$140 USD

Designer: Cecile Ndiaye
Inspiration: Traditional leather making in Senegal.
Impact: Studio Wude has a staff of eight full-time employees in Senegal. The company is also developing an innovative initiative to provide training in leather design to young people.

Zully Embellished Raffia and Leather Slippers

$280 USD

Country: Nigeria and Ghana
Inspiration: Vintage jewelry and a love of nature.
Impact: Anita Quansah has provided vocational training to over 60 unemployed youth who have successfully established their own businesses and entered the workforce. The company also has a philanthropic arm which provides direct financial support to 20 children and supports several orphanages in Nigeria.


$390 USD

Inspiration: The beauty and tireless work ethic of Nigerian women.
Impact: Odio Mimonet has a staff of 40 full-time employees. For the past 25 years, the company has provided training and employment opportunities to over 500 workers across Nigeria including traditional weavers, dyers and artisans.